We machine parts of different sizes, materials and shapes, being specialized in medium and large dimensions components with high quality requirements, both in medium and short series and by project.

Sheet metal working and welding

We manufacture welded equipment and do the construction of mechanical assemblies for the industry with high quality requirements according to requirements of the UNE EN ISO-3834-2: 2006 and EN-1090-1: 2003 / A1: 2011.


We have a proven experience in repairs for the energy and industrial sector, especially in equipment for wind turbines and hydraulic power plants.

Surface treatment

We have certified inspectors and highly qualified personnel for painting (approved in ACQPA and FROSIO (Norsok 501)), shot blasting and metal spraying with zinc practically any kind of components.

ACEBRON GROUP opened its doors in the year 2.000 with the aim of meeting the growing demand for machining derived from the wind energy boom, endorse by the more than 30 years of professional and business experience of his founder, Mr. Bienvenido Acebron.


The Group was created with the aim of integrating all processes in the value chain in a single group of companies to provide in excellent service for customers, enhancement of our own competitiveness, a high quality final product, reduction of transport costs and fulfillment of delivery deadlines, all of which enables the Group to provide its customers with a turnkey product.


We provide manufacturing solutions tailor made to your needs, using our own means and technical capacity for manufacturing of components in serial production, Project Base Production and to perform repair and maintenance operations in various sectors.



Surface Treatment: Meeting Expectations

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Surface treatment is a manufacturing process that is carried out to give certain characteristics to the surface of an object. These treatments are done to metal parts to protect them and to protect their precision machining, from rusting and corrosion. In some cases, the process may have the additional purpose of bringing the product to…

Acebron Group Performs the Pressure Tests Successfully

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At Acebron Group we have completed the manufacture of four sliding-type gate valves, the operation of which consists of vertically moving a shutter by triggering an oleo-hydraulic cylinder. The gate valves that we have manufactured under the design and specifications of our client are “BUREAU” type , with a rectangular section of 1,000 x 2,000…

Acebron Group’s Commitment to the UN Global Compact

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It is the 5th anniversary of the approval of the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Acebron Group joins the #apoyamoslosODS campaign to spread these United Nations Goals, in collaboration with the Spanish Network of the Global Compact, initiative to which it belongs. The objective is to act, from their own commitment…