ACEBRON GROUP backed by the more than than 30 years of professional and business experience of his founder, Bienvenido Acebron, opened its doors in the year 2.000 with the aim of meeting the growing demand for machining derived from the wind energy boom.

The Group was created with the aim of integrating all processes in the value chain in a single group of companies to provide in excellent service for customers, enhancement of our own competitiveness, a high quality final product, reduction of transport costs and fulfilment of delivery deadlines, all of which enables the Group to provide its customers with a turnkey product.


  • To provide differentiating, innovative solutions based on knowledge of the industry and effective use of the best technology.
  • To create jobs and develop continuous training plans for professional development of the workforce.
  • To help our customers to meet their technological challenges by providing comprehensive solutions.


  • Diversification towards business challenges in new areas.
  • Expansion into new international markets.
  • Progressive increase in production capacity.


    • Continuous technological innovation.
    • Flexibility, adaptability and commitment.
    • Responsibility to the Environment.
    • Eficiency and capacity.