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Globlal Industry interviews Rebeca Acebrón Vice President of Asime and CEO of Acebron Group

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Global Industry, the magazine of the Metal Sector and Associated Technologies, interviewed Rebeca Acebrón Vice President of Asime and CEO of Acebron Group, who has been optimistic about the post-COVID-19 scenario. We are convinced that as a consequence of the crisis, the sector will emerge stronger CONCERNS AND DEMANDS Rebeca Acebron explained that at the…

VII Galicia Energy Awards

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Last June the Association of Industrial Engineers of Galicia, in collaboration with the Illustrious College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia, announced the winners of the VII Galicia Energy Awards. The awards will be presented in this edition at a gala in Ferrol, for which there is no date yet. The VII Galicia Energy Awards are the…

Adrián Portela, Project Manager at Acebrón Group

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We have had the pleasure of interviewing Adrián Portela, Project Manager of Acebrón Group and who currently, in addition to his role, also supports the CAD-CAM department. HIS TIME AT ACEBRON GROUP My time in Acebrón Group can be divided into two stages ; the first one that started approximately 10 years ago and lasted…

Acebrón Group Joins the Rede Galega PxR

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We are proud to announce that Acebron Group has joined the Rede Galega PxR. This network seeks to reduce waste by promoting the repair or recovery of any type of object that has not yet completed its life cycle, offering new ways to renovate it, saving substantial amounts of money. The Rede Galega PxR is form…

Acebrón Group and The United Nations Global Compact

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From Acebrón Group we are pleased to announce that we have become part of the SPANISH NETWORK OF THE UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT. It is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world with more than 12,500 signatory entities and a presence in more than 160 countries based on ten principles. Some of these principles…

Paula Díaz Pardo Acebrón’s logistics manager. Covid-19 Crisis

We interviewed Paula Díaz, who is Acebron Group’s logistics manager and has been part of our team for 17 years. This is a fundamental work for the correct operation of the company, which has currently incorporated an unprecedented event in the industry: the worldwide crisis of Covid-19.  (more…)

Acebrón Group Crisis-Covid19 [Update 31 March 2020]

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[Protocol Update 31 March 2020] Due to the health alarm that we are currently living as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis and complying with the Royal Decree Law 10/2020 approved by the Council of Ministers, on March 29, which regulates a retrievable paid leave for people employed who do not provide essential services,…

The presence of women in engineering

Engineering careers continue to stand out for having a high percentage of male enrolled and a very small presence of women. Only 15% of graduates are women. Why this low presence of women? (more…)

Luis Vazquez, purchasing manager and a big sports fan

Luis Vazquez is the protagonist of our March interview. He is the  purchasing manager of Acebron Group and has been part of our team for 13 years. We will know better his work in the company and his great hobby: sport. (more…)